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Genre : Devotional
Time : Daily | 6:30 AM – 7:00 AM
This Show offers a visual tour of some of the exquisite temples of Karnataka along with ‘day specific’ devotional songs and abhishekam based on particular God of the day.

Namaste Karunaadu


Genre : Devotional
Time : Mon – Fri | 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
Namaste Karunadu is a morning show divided into 4 parts that include : ‘Mankuthimmana Kagga’, also popularly known as the Bhagwatha Geetha of Karnataka, ‘Mudra Yoga’, a session with a Mudra Expert teaching various Mudras that can help us stay healthy, ‘Angaili Owshadhi’, a session where natural tips are given to help us maintain good health, and lastly, ‘Bhavageethe’, where popular Bhavageethe songs are sung by popular Kannada Singers.



Genre : Devotional
Time : Daily | 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
An interaction show with a Philosopher and Astrologer, Dr.Savithru Sharma, that covers every aspect of faith, coupled with solutions for personal problems, daily predictions and a guide to daily ritualistic practices.


Hosa Cinema

Genre : Film Based
Time : Daily | 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM

Old is Gold

Old is Gold

Genre : Old Popular Songs
Time : Mon – Fri | 1:30 PM – 2:00 PM

Music Mall - Daily Offer


Genre : Live Interactive Show
Time : Mon – Fri | 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
This Cinema based Daily Live Interactive show offers viewers an opportunity to call and participate in cinema related unique quizzes, antakshari, etc. and win exciting prizes.

Music Mall - Daily Offer

Kiru Chitra

Genre : Short Movies
Time : Sat & Sun | 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Music Mall - Daily Offer

Kalki Kiladigalu

Genre : Kids Talent Show
Time : Sat & Sun | 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Music Mall - Daily Offer

Nimma Kitchen

Genre : Cookery Show
Time : Sat & Sun | 1:30 PM – 2:00 PM

Previously Aired Shows

Kalki Express, Luck idre Lakshmi


Genre : Game show
Hosted by a very popular comedian, Kalki Express travels across the 30 districts of Karnataka reaching out to the viewers to try their Luck. Simple games played by the participating families can make them earn handsome money.

Paddu’s Kitchen


Genre : Cookery Show
Padmaja, the most popular onscreen mom, presents simple home cooking with celeb chefs & signs off with her simple recipes. Simple breakfast, main course and dessert items are taught by yet another television celebrity, Srininvas Prabhu who joins hands with Paddu.



Genre : Women Show
Surabhi is not just a show but is a platform for voicing out all women related issues such as their health, beauty, fitness, parental issues, child health etc. In this show we have experts answering queries pertaining to women’s personal problems and questions. Here, we also showcase various art forms like pot painting, Thai art, Mural art, Tanjore painting etc.



Genre : Singing Show
Music School re-invents the way music captures spirits of singers. The initiative taken by the School has helped build a platform for emerging singers to learn music and express their talent in a unique manner.



Genre : Devotional Reality Show
Often, in our lives, we are faced with situations where we feel that no one but God can help us overcome our problems! That is when we surrender ourselves completely in the hands of the Almighty with a sacred vow/votive (Harake). However, due to reasons unknown, we are eventually unable to complete the ‘Harake’. This is where ‘Mahasankalpa’ steps in. This devotional reality show offers individuals the opportunity to fulfill their incomplete Harake’.

panipuri with Murali T20 - LIVE

Panipuri with Murali T20 – LIVE

Genre : Celebrity Chat Show
It is a fun filled live chat show hosted by Popular TV Anchor ‘Murali’, with celebrities and achievers over Panipuri. Viewers can also interact with guests and anchors over the phone in this live show.



Genre : Family drama
This is the story of young middle-class couple who aspire to get their own house in a large city like Bengaluru. Living in crowded apartments where their neighbors are also struggling middle-class people like themselves, the couple crosses various hardships before their dream is fulfilled.



Genre : Family drama
This is the story of a young village girl who, in a turn of fate, marries a gentleman who is much older than herself and is settled in a big city. The drama revolves around how the entire family of the boy helps to transform the girl to adjust to her new life.

Sevanthi Sevanthi


Genre : Family drama
A half-sisters drama with a repenting father, his two wives : rich & arrogant second wife and poor struggling first wife. The sisters paths cross on various occasions while they are completely unaware of their relation. The two girls come across the Hero who has no purpose in life. The older one gives him the purpose and the drama unfolds further. Who gets the hero and how do the two sisters resolve and unite forms the plot?



Genre : Family drama
A story based on love, friendship, relationships and of unspoken feelings hidden by a mask. The story revolves around Shalva and Kanmani who love each other a lot, Kanmani’s mother Sumanthi and a distant cousin of Kanmani called Suryakanthi. What happens to Kanmani? Does Shalva know the truth about Kanmani? How does Suryakanthi get Kanmani’s face? Is Suryakanthi happy living a lie and letting everyone believe she is Kanmani when she is not? These are some mysterious twists and turns that make the drama extremely gripping for its audience.



Genre : Socio-mythology
This is an intense drama between the good and the evil. This show is about the lead protagonist katyayini’s journey and her fight against drushta, the devil goddess who wants to control the entire world.

Nee Iralu Jotheyalli


Genre : Family drama
This is a story of Prithvi, Sharadha and Neeli. The show is about Prithvi, a rich man, and Sharadha, a poor girl, whose lives get connected by their common love for Neeli.